How Does Technology Influence Our Identities?


How Does Technology Influence Our IdentitiesTechnology has probably altered every aspect of human life. Technology has been the cause of many social changes that are in the society today. Many people have shifted from the cultures of the past after embracing the technology.

Technology Influence Our Identities

As a result of embracing technology, our identities have currently been manipulated and even changed. This means that, our knowledge, understanding, and how we express ourselves in the society is currently under the influence of technology that we are exposed to.

Technology has impacted the way we express our selves and the way we assume roles in the society. By emergence of different means of communication and socialization, the world has been limited into a village. On the other hand, the platforms of communication and interaction among people have been expanded a lot. The social media and internet have boosted communication and socialization.

Therefore, technology is major factor of the way people identify themselves and make an impact in the society. First, it changes the dimension through which people express themselves. Thus, it alters one identity from revolving around internal grounds to external ones. For instance, people used to socialize and interact with their neighbors and friends in the close proximities.

How Does Technology Influence Our Identities

However, with technology, people can now interact and establish relationships with people who are in far distances. This has, in turn, changed the social forces that influence the self-identity including parents, peers, media, communities, and schools among others. These forces were geared to producing only the positive information about a person and his identity.

However, with the current technology, a person can be analyzed via different means. This exposes both the positive and the negative information about a person. Therefore, his/her identity will be established in a different way unlike in the past.

Secondly, in the present times, people do not just believe what we tell them about ourselves. They can go ahead and know about us using technology. The same case applies to us too. As a result, many people spend a lot of time trying to build on a reputation across the social media and other social platforms.

Advertisements on the mass media are also used to create a different self-identity. In turn, people create a different impression about themselves in the society. This is better expressed through the popular culture today. Through these technological social channels, people aim at creating acceptance, popularity, status, and also self-esteem.

For instance, people will go and make photos at different places from their usual residential place. After this, they can upload them over the internet to different social platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter. With them, people can try to build on a different impression and image before the people. This will make them popular, improve their status, and also make them more famous and proud.


Technology has led to a transition from the ordinary ways of establishing our identities into the new ways. In turn, some people have opted to use different means to create images and impressions in the society. This has made them to establish a self identity which is opposed to their real self. On the other hand, some people have embraced technology and used it to express what they do and the role they hold in the society. This has created their status positively.

Easy Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Style


Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Style 3Academic writing is one of the most dynamic aspects in academia. Every day, we find new ways through which we can format sentences, employ phrases and saying, and even check errors. Thus, in academic writing, learning never ends.

However, there are some basic tips and instructions which should be observed for a quality work. Failure to observe them may lead to poor results. These include: punctuation, formatting, and editing among others. The following are some easy tips to improve your academic writing style;

a) Be Clear, Concise, and Ensure that you Employ Perfect Grammar

Always be clear. Use different clear content to explain your argument. Avoid exposing your readers to a lot of content that talks about a single point.

Also, make sure that your grammar is perfect. Always avoid using words which you do not know their meaning. You may consider proofreading severally to ensure that your grammar is correct.

b) Observe Vocabulary

Learned writers are recognized by their sense of vocabulary. Do not limit yourself to the commonly used words. Go to the dictionary and find out new words. Be sure to check how they are used before you employ them in your writing work.

c) Perfect Punctuation

Keenly check your punctuation. For instance, check your use of commas, punctuation marks, and fool-stops. For example, James reported that, “In one hour, the police had recovered 6 guns, 2 knifes, and 4 grenades.” Punctuation is the baseline of academic and speech writing.

d) Avoid Unnecessary Repetition

Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Style 3As a result of insufficient content, many academic writers find themselves repeating words and phrases consistently. For example, Eucalyptus is a tall and long tree. Instead, say, Eucalyptus is a tall tree.

e) Never Plagiarize

Many academic writers find themselves writing word-to-word of what they have researched in their work. As a result, they act as if they are duplicating the websites. However, this is usually viewed as an academic crime. It can eventually lead to fines and poor results.

All you need is to read and understand the information from the sources. On reading it, be sure to note down the major points. Summarize those points and put them down with your own words. Also, consider increasing your intensive insight too.

f) Make Your Language Formal

Academic writing is always associated with marking and rating at different educational institutions. Thus, it is meant for the professors and other top individuals in the educational sector. Informal language may sound like it is directed to them. Avoid this. Also, avoid slang language in academic writing.

For Example

  1. After the research, you will find that… Instead, make it be, After the research, one will find that…
  2. James is cool. His awesome manners are liked by his grandfather. Instead, let it be, James is calm. His grandfather likes his good manners.

g) Consider Supplying Sources and References

Most of the information that you will include in academic writing will be from different sources. Be kind to supply them to your readers. This will, in turn, prove your arguments as true. It will also ascertain that you did not plagiarize your work.


Academic writing is very essential for educational purposes. It is also useful in writing speeches or other materials to address the public. Thus, you need to learn necessary skills and insight in proper academic writing. This will improve your performance and also boost your skills in other writing works.

3 Best Resources to Getting Degrees Online


3 Best Resources to Getting Degrees OnlineTechnology has made a significant contribution in the education sector. Today, you do not have to be in the campus or reside near the campus in the pursuit of your degree. Technology has made it simple by making it online and easily accessible. Individuals are now taking their degrees right at home.

In this light, therefore, you also be looking for resources to get your degree online. Currently, there are many resources across the globe offering distance learning. These institutions have been helpful to many students from different places in the world. At the same time, they have been effective for those who are working and also seeking their degrees simultaneously.

There many universities offering online degrees across the world. In UK, for instance, there are many universities such as the University of London and the Oxford University. The following include 3 best resources to getting to getting degrees online;

a) University of London

The University of London has been offering online degree programs since 2002. It has been accomplishing this through its numerous campuses which are scattered in many places in the world. Some of these include; Birkbeck, Goldsmiths, King’s College London, and Queen Mary and other campuses. Since these campuses are specialised for specific courses and degrees, it is possible to have a wide range of degrees to select from.

As an established and a reputable institution in providing distance learning for many years, University of London has been favorably preferred by many people. It also has numerous degree programs. Therefore, it has more chances of having the degree that you may be looking for. It offers online degree programs such as; LLB and Certhe Common Law at the King’s College London, finance, management, and diplomacy and development degree programs at the SOAS, and also Social Science at the LSE.

b) Boston University

3 Best Resources to Getting Degrees OnlineBoston University has been famously known for its online MBA degrees. it has been providing the online degree programs since 2003. The university has AACSB, EPAS, and PMI accredited programs. Also, the university has many partners and campuses abroad. This provides the students who are in distant learning programs with a chance to benefit from international opportunities and also programs assistance during their academic progress.

Other degree programs offered by the university include; computer information technology programs and criminal justice systems. It has effective online program ranking methodology and assessments. This ensures effective learning and comprehensive assessment of the students.

c) University of Oxford

This university has also given students from far distances a chance to learn over the internet and during any time they want. It has a wide range of online degree programs that leads to university qualifications.
Some of the online degree programs offered in the university include; MSc Project Management, MSc Global Management, and MSc Marketing among other degree programs. It has various campuses offering specific programs in order to increase efficiency in learning.


With the internet and the technological devices that have emerged lately, acquiring degrees online has become simpler and faster. Moreover, numerous universities in the world are offering different online degrees. Thus, if you are finding for a resource to get your online degree, just click to your favorite search engine and find your best university.

6 Hot Tub Types: Why Is Inflatable Best for Travelers?


Hot tubs are important in life as they offer body protection from different weather elements. This is important for a healthy life. There is a wide range of hot tubs in the market today. These hot tubs have different features which offer different experiences during their use. They also come with different prices and warranties. The following include 6 hot tub types in the market today:

a) Inflatable Hot Tubs

Why Is Inflatable Best for TravelersThe inflatable hot tub offers one of the best choices in the market. It provides a good place to relax and warm yourself after a long and exhaustive day. The hot tub releases the stress and brings back your energy and joy for the remaining part of your day. Most of the inflatable hot tubs are large to accommodate about 3-6 people at the same time. They are mobile, thus, you can always change to the position you want. They have built-in air chamber which offers insulation protection. If you are looking for a premium option look no further than Coleman lay-z Spa Inflatable Hot tub that is a good choice for users that want a good amount of top tier features according to some portable and inflatable hot tub reviews.

b) Roto-Molded Hot Tubs

Why Is Inflatable Best for TravelersThe hot tub is easily mobile if you need to empty or change location. Most hot tubs belonging to this brand comes in square or rectangular shapes. This is perfect for fitting in different positions. This hot tub provides the best seating allowance for 2 people, thus, making it perfect for a husband and a wife. The roto-molded hot tub is designed with a real spa which offers you real therapy after a tiresome involvement during the day.

c) Acrylic Hot Tubs

Why Is Inflatable Best for TravelersThe hot tub is designed with shell surface in the interior. It has soft and comfortable surface to sit while using it. It is modified with thick surfaces and layers which are easy to clean and dry easily. This makes it resistant to bacteria infestation and breeding. It also prevents staining, dents, and cracking. Thus, this hot tub brand is designed to last for a long time especially after it is fixed on a single location.

d) Cement Hot Tubs

Why Is Inflatable Best for TravelersThese hot tubs look like swimming pools. They are built using soft surfaces of cement on a raised ground. The hot tubs are durable as cement does not get spoilt easily. However, the hot tubs cannot be moved from one place to another.

e) Wooden Hot Tubs

Why Is Inflatable Best for TravelersThey are arguably the earliest hot tubs ever. They were used in the 1970s. Mostly, they are made from cedar or redwood timbers. These timbers are assembled together and tightly using metal bands. However, they are not popular today as they lack many preferred features of today.

f) Stainless Steel Hot Tubs

Why Is Inflatable Best for TravelersThey are made to be of any size or any shape. These hot tubs are the best when it comes to durability. Since they are made from stainless steel, they are hardly affected by water or weather. However, they are relatively costly and unsuitable for mobile functions.

Why Is Inflatable Best for Travelers?

The inflatable hot tub has proved to be the best choice, especially for travelers. It is easily portable and mobile. Also, some of its parts can be disintegrated and easily carried to join them later in a different place.
Also, the inflatable Jacuzzi spa is preferred by many due to its ability to offer therapy. It also improves blood circulation in the body as well as relieving tensions and stress. This is effective for travelers after spending the day walking, sitting, or driving.


Many hot tubs are available in the market today. There are certain factors that you should consider before you purchase one. These include; durability, cost, and health and safety efficiency.

Notable Facts of NASA Mattress Foam


Notable Facts of NASA Mattress FoamThe NASA mattress foam has been in the market for over three decades now. Only a few people have used it in their homes for their beds. However, the mattress has been reviewed by many people who have experienced it since its invention.

Many believe that the mattress was made as a refinement of the previous mattress qualities and seat challenges in space. However, since it was used first by NASA, American Space Agency, many people still believe that the mattress was meant for astronauts. The following are some notable facts of NASA mattress foam;

a) Initially Used by the NASA

This is the reason why many people are yet to embrace them in their homes. The mattress was developed and designed by NASA. It was designed to reduce the extreme pressures of gravity and increase comfort even while in space aircrafts. It was meant to provide a protective layer and support against gravitational pressures.

b) High Quality Support

Notable Facts of NASA Mattress FoamThe mattress provides support to the full body. This does not depend on the size of a mattress in order to enhance support. Therefore, it is an effective mattress for healthy sleep. It is preferably used by many people during healing and recovery periods. It is important to do good research into the available options out there if you are going to invest in a good memory foam mattress the DynastyMattress New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a gel foam mattress that should be great for anyone looking for a complete solution when it comes to health and comfort according to some popular memory foam mattress reviews.

c) Sensitive to Increase in Temperature

The mattress was developed using technology which was designed for hot temperatures in space. While lying on it, it softens to cover your body. However, if the temperature rises, the mattress extends outwards so that your body will not be exposed to high temperatures.

d) It has Visco Elasticity Sensitivity

The mattress was designed with visco elastic sensitivity in its initial stages. Thus, it can elastically expand and also display minor motions. This was to enhance the mattress to exact the pressure from while in the aircraft. The mattress is therefore more comfortable.

e) Memory Foam Enhanced

Notable Facts of NASA Mattress FoamMemory foam is a polythene material that is sensitive to temperature and also pressure. It is also known as NASA foam. It was fitted into the mattress to increase its suitability in an aircraft while in space.

f) Designed to Conform to Any Individual’s Body

The mattress covers any individual’s body completely. Therefore, it is able to prevent the body from pressures and extreme temperatures. This feature make it more suitable for making the seats in the aircrafts meant for astronauts’ purposes. When this feature is introduced in the bed, it makes the sleep more cozy and relaxing.

g) Ideal for Allergic Individuals

The mattress is manufactured from soft materials free from allergen substances and materials. It is also hypo-allergenic and antibacterial. The first NASA mattress foam mattress was tested and perfected in hospital beds during the process of manufacturing.


The mattress has been associated with features and qualities which are exceptional from the other normal mattresses. Therefore, they have been the favorite choices for many people at home. However, the mattress comes with a very high cost due to the choice of materials which are used to manufacture them. This has made them to be only accessed by a few people.

Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage Chairs


Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage ChairsA massage has numerous healthy benefits. These ranges from relieving pain, tensions, and also stress. It also works best to improve the body functioning in various ways. These include blood circulation, muscles performance, and also relieving pains from the back and joints.

The quality of massage that you will experience is based on the type of massage that you opt for. You can opt to go to a qualified therapist for your massage. You may also prefer to buy a massage chair for the best massage at your workplace or your home. Therefore, the benefits of massage therapy and massage chairs in establishing a healthy life cannot be underrated. A special mention goes out to Osaki OS-4000 Black-Beige Zero as it has been providing some of the best massage chairs on the market in recent years according to

These include;

a) Improved Venous and Lymphatic Flow

Massage contracts and relaxes the muscles and the blood vessels. In turn, blood and lymph are stimulated and their movements simplified too. This is essential for nutrients and oxygen transportation and absorption. It also helps in excretion.

b) Relieving Tension while Increasing Flexibility

Stretching and kneading the muscles and joints makes you to become flexible. It also reduces tension in the body by revitalizing muscles and joints to reduce any fear of being sick.

c) Increased Endorphin Levels

Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage ChairsEndorphin is acts in the opposite way as compared with adrenaline. It revives the peace in mind, reduces anxiety, and also improves recovery. It makes you to feel good and relax. The hormone’s level is increased in the body after massage.

A massage is effective for physical and physiological well-being. However, there are certain contraindications which are associated with massage therapy. Mostly, these contraindications are associated with massage chairs. The contraindications of massage therapy include;

  • Contracting rashes
  • Blood clots may results after using blood thinners
  • Injuries may become inflamed and infected
  • There may be increase in circulatory ailments such as; varicose veins

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are the best tools to deal with back pains, relieve stress, and tension. They emulate the motions and techniques used by therapist, together with auto-programs, in order to enhance massage. Most of them are designed to take the features of the Shiatsu’s sweeping, patting, rolling, rotating, and pressing massage. Others are designed to take on and Swedish long gliding strokes with kneading motions massage.

Components of Massage Chairs

a) Massage Chair Motors – they power and move all the nodes and rollers in a chair. They control the massage auto-programs which to control the quality of massage. This is interpreted in kneading, rolling, tapping, and top-down motions.

b) Massage Chair Nodes and Rollers – they take on the functions of hands and fingers with their different sizes and shapes.

c) Computer Assisted Adjustability of the Massage Chair – it is a feature which makes the massage chair to adjust per every person’s weight height, and width. It measures the setback pressure and the length of the protrusion in order to adjust. This enhances a full body massage.

Guidelines to Finding a Comfortable Massage Chair

a) Basic Comfort of the Chair
This regards the shape and the feel of a massage chair felt when you sit on it.

b) Strength of Massage
The chair should cover all areas of the body to ensure an effective massage. These include; the back, joints, and all muscles.

c) Massage Chair’s Presets and Adjustability
These are the auto-programs which are necessary to improve the quality of a massage. They should be numerous and easy to operate.

d) Accessories
These are the equipment and other parts which enable one to change the functionality of the chair. They include the feet-rests spinal stenosis among others.

e) Appearance of the Chair
This regards the shape, size, and the materials used to make the chair. They should be durable, comfortable, and free from skin irritation.

f) Cost
Most of the massage chairs are expensive. However, you should be sure to check the cost as one of the main important factors.


A massage is essential to relieve pressure and pain in the body. It is also important for the physiological well-being of a person. Many people face a difficulty in choosing between a therapist and a massage chair for their massage. A chair may be convenient for any time usage. On the other hand, a therapist may be better as they are learned and equipped for effectiveness.

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment: 3 Major Ways


Plantar Fasciitis TreatmentPlantar fasciitis has become a major feet problem in the current days. It is a more common problem among athletes and people who normally walk for longer distances. Treating plantar fasciitis has been a challenge to many people.

Although there are many ways to treat this condition, many people usually wait for the foot to heal from the condition. However, this might take a longer period. Therefore, it is advisable to treat the condition in order for you to resume to your daily activities in the quickest time possible. If you have plantar fasciitis problem you should think about getting the right shoes but that could be hiking boots for plantar fasciitis or even dress shoes but what ever it is you should read about the best shoes for plantar fasciitis over at

The following are some of 3 major ways to treat plantar fasciitis with;

a) Non-surgical Treatment

Plantar fasciitis has been favorably treated by many people using non-surgical means. These means include; using ice, resting, heating, calf-strengthening, reduction of footwear weight, reducing body weight, and also stretching calf muscles.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) are among the non-surgical means of treating the condition, for example, aspirin. NSAID includes therapy which aids in correcting the location of the calf and the heel bone. It also prevents inflammation of the tissues over the heel and under the foot. The drugs have pain reduction components that prevent one from having painful moments.

Plantar Fasciitis TreatmentThe next method is the extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT). It is effective in treating the condition in the months. However, it is only more effective without the use of anesthesia. But since the method can lead to reddening of the heel and hematoma cases, some people do not prefer it.

Non surgical treating starts with comprehensive exercises of icing, stretching, undertaking NSAID therapy, and taping. Counseling and the use of a shoe gear during this process are also essential. After six weeks, recalcitrant cases are treated using substances such as night splint and also injection together with regimen for six more weeks. Injection and physical therapies as well as and use of a walker boot should be considered in case of persistent pain.

b) Surgical Treatment

The failure of non-surgical means or extreme conditions of plantar fasciitis may call for surgical treatment. Plantar fasciotomy is the only option that can revitalize the condition of your foot after 6 months of a non effective treatment. However, the process may involve removal of some parts such as the heel spur. Thus, it might have some complicated outcomes which may be difficult to deal with. Also, the interference of performance of the lateral plantar nerve may lead to lengthy healing period, plantar fascia rapture, and non-ending pain. Nonetheless, if performed by an expert, chances of effective treatment and control of the condition are higher.

c) Unproven Treatments

Plantar Fasciitis TreatmentJust like any other condition, plantar fasciitis is associated with other unproven treatments. This include; use of platelet-rich plasma injections (PRP). The injections are administered around the foot and the ankle area. It improves the healing process of the body parts from the injuries in less than 7 days. However, it is associated with pains and irritations.
Another treatment is the prolotherapy. The method includes the use of injection therapy and alternative medicine to correct plantar fasciitis. It is also associated with irrivation.


Treating plantar fasciitis also depends on the responsiveness of the body of the patient. People who are used to drugs and anesthesia use may find non-surgical means not helpful and may opt for surgical treatment. Also, it depends with the condition of the case. Mild cases may resist the non-surgical means, thus, forcing the using surgical means.

Water Softening Methods and Health Effects


Water Softening Methods and Health EffectsWater softening involves the removal of some ions from water. This is done in order to make water soft for laundry, drinking, and other purposes. It also purifies the water so as to make it safe and healthy for human consumption.

Different water softening methods produce different qualities of water. In this light, it is advisable to know that the different water softening methods may have different health effects. This is because different methods remove different substances from the water. If you are really looking for good quality and want to explore the market you should head over to the Water Softener Guide that takes a look at the best water softener reviews with the top 16 water softeners available in 2016 that should help you narrow down the search.

The following is an analysis of the water softening methods and health effects accompanied;

a) Using Ion-exchange Resin Devices

Water Softening Methods and Health EffectsThese devices are perfectly used for water softening in the households. They usually remove the hardness ions of calcium and magnesium from the water. This is done through replacement of the magnesium and calcium ions in water with sodium and potassium.

They include; zeolites and ions of carbonates, bi-carbonates, and sulphates. Sodium and potassium hydroxides are also effective in ion exchanging in water.

This method has certain effects in health. By replacing calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium, it introduces these elements into the body. Sodium is important for increasing the level of body salt if it is in a low level. Looking for water softeners that have this options you will need to do some research into the various options available and compare different types and read water softener reviews that make comparison between the better water softeners on the list to give you more options.

However, the devices may deprive the body of calcium and magnesium elements which are important in bone and teeth formation. This is a health drawback.

b) Distillation and Rain Water Use

Use of distillation and also rain water are known for the most purified and soft water. Distillation is done special containers and tubes and also by distillation kettles. It involves boiling of water in order to turn it to vapor. This vapor is taken though a tube to a cooling section where it is condensed back into water. The residues are then directed into the sewage systems.

The method is effective in the removal of all hardness ions, contaminants, and pollutants from the water. These include chemicals from industries and farms, and industrial solvents. It also allows reuse of water thus preventing depletion of the natural water resources.

However, distilled water may be more concentrated and also acidic. It lacks oxygen and minerals in its component. It does not have the taste and smell associated with pure water. Thus, it might not be the best water for health. Distillation method also requires a lot of energy and space. This is not sustainable.

c) Reversed Osmosis

Water Softening Methods and Health EffectsThis method is effective in softening water in wells and tanks. It is effective in removing extreme smell, pollutants, and contaminants from water. Previously, the method was only effective removing large particles and not the small particles.

However, with the current inclusion of a membrane which is porous, the method has been improved. The membrane only allows water molecules to pass through.

The method has been preferred by many as it does not result to any sodium in the water. This reduces salt consumption, which has been a challenge in US among other nations. It improves the color and taste of the water while it removes the impurities and bad odor.


Different methods of water softening are associated with different health effects. The best methods are those that improves the health or those that do not interfere with the body and health of a person.

Water Efficient Atomizing Showerhead Saves 70% Water


Water Efficient Atomizing Showerhead Water conservation is an essential process in any household. However, with the current shower heads in the bathrooms, toilets, and also kitchens, water flow control becomes a challenge. In the bathroom, a lot of water can be wasted as it flows uncontrollably from the showerhead. A good shower head has therefore great benefits to both the user and the environment and this guide has listed the best shower heads available in 2016 if you are interested in reading shower head reviews and finding that right head for your shower.

One of the most effective ways in controlling water wastage in the bathroom is using the water efficient atomizing showerhead. This showerhead has been embraced by many people due to its capability in saving water. Did you know that water efficient atomizing showerhead saves 70% water? If not, then you are on the verge of learning how it does this. This showerhead saves water in the following ways;

a) Water Atomizing into Tiny Droplets

The shower does not release water in drops and showers like other shower heads. Instead, it uses pressure to turn water into fine droplets. At the same time, it warms the air around it while releases the water droplets. Thus, it produces a warm shower.

Therefore, releasing water in mist form makes it to reduce the amount of water flowing out. This makes individuals to use the least amount of water while showering. This is unlike the traditional showerheads which used large volumes of water in form of drops and showers.

b) Reduced Water Flow

Water Efficient Atomizing Showerhead The showerhead has small-size atomizing nozzles. These nozzles allow water to pass in form of mist but not droplets. However, the water that passes the showerhead is sufficient for a shower. It allows passage of 0.75 gallon per minute. This is unlike the traditional showerheads which produces 2 gallons per minute. Thus, if you used 10 minutes for a shower, then you will be able to save around 12.5 gallons of water. Households which have used this showerhead reported to have spent over 1400 fewer water gallons in one month and 21 000 fewer in a year.

c) Compressed Air Component

In order to turn water into mist, the showerhead has a system which has a compressed air. This system mixes the water with hot air. The compressed water with air is then passed through the small-size atomizing nozzles on its way out of the showerhead.

The air reduces the amount of water passing through the showerhead after mixing it with air. At the same time, the air is in a higher temperature. This makes it easy for it to mix with the water in order to form mist.

d) Allows More Contact of Water with Your Body

The traditional showerheads allow water to flow uncontrollably. Some of this water does not even touch the body. Instead, it sprinkles to the walls or even direct to the floor and it flow away. In turn, you find that over 20 gallons of water have been used for a single shower.

However, with a water efficient atomizing showerhead, it is easy to prevent that water loss. The showerhead enhances that all the water flows to contact your body. Therefore, no water runs unutilized.


Water efficient atomizing showerhead is an important tool to enhance control of water wastage in the bathrooms. At the same time, using its compressed hot air, it turns the temperature of the water during the shower. Therefore, one does not need extra energy to warm water. The showerhead is essential for use at homes or even in the institutions which spends a lot on water and energy. It saves over 70 % water while it reduces the cost of energy used to heat it as well.

Water Heater Safety: Is Tankless Water Heater Safer?


Water Heater SafetyThe safety of water heaters have not been fully enhanced by many manufacturing companies. In turn, this has predisposed many users to dangers and health risks while handling the water in the bathrooms or at the water heater systems. This is through direct exposure of human body with electric power or extremely hot water which may damage skin or other body parts.

Many people have always complained about cases of injuries, burns, and even explosion while using their water heaters. Although many heaters are made in regard to the required safety measures, many incidences occur where users face safety issues while handling them. These include;

a) Explosion Hazards

Explosion of water heaters without a safety device, can cause damage to property, injuries, burns, and sometimes death. However, with a safety device such as; Temperature and Pressure Relief valve (TPR), a water heater can easily dump water in cases of high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, there should be a discharge pipe in buildings through which such waters can be wasted to prevent injuries and other risks.

Water heaters should be elevated above the floor, preferably 18 inches. This would reduce any chances of explosion or fire occurrences. Tank-type heaters should also be placed in positions adjacent to the wall. This will prevent any possible chances of breakages and tipping over in case of occurrences such as earthquake.

Automatic shutoffs together with TPR valve should be fitted in old buildings. Where temperatures rise to over 99 degrees C, shutoffs should be automatically conducted to prevent more heating and gas supply.

b) Thermal Burns

Water Heater SafetyHuman skin burns is a major problem and a risk posed by water heaters. Scalds are more susceptible to old people due to the disabilities and also slow reaction. Therefore, installing a tempering valve is essential on the water heater’s outlet. It mixes the hot water and cold water to reduce its risk in causing scalding.

Since sanitation requires hot water, a supplemental heater may be necessary in order to ensure that the water remains at a favorable temperature. Dishwashing machines are necessary for this purpose.

c) Bacterial Contamination

Warm water is a favorable breeding area for bacteria. This, in turn, calls for hot water able to kill the bacteria at about 55 degrees C. However, such water is responsible for causing scalding. Therefore, water should be kept at 60 degrees C so that though distribution and supplemental heating, a temperature of 55 degrees C can be secured by the time of use.

Water stored at 60 degrees C may encourage limescale deposit. Also, limescale deposits may be associated with bacteria in the water storage. One may use an outlet thermometer to detect the water temperature. However, storing hot water might be dangerous in causing the Legionnaire disease which thrives in the favorable temperature for domestic water use. Therefore, a household should consider using heating storages which heat water as it flows out.

Is Tankless Water Heater Safer?

According to the editors over at the in their tankless water heater reviews blog they claim that tankless water heater is among the most popular water heaters in the present times. Many refinements have been done to it in order to make it safer to being handled and used by human beings.

The heater is designed to heat water as it flows out for usage. The heated water is replaced by cold water. Thus, the heater prevents any cases of Legionnaire bacteria breeding. This makes the tankless water heater safer water storage.

At the same time, tankless water heater is set to heat water in favorable temperature for domestic use. This prevents occurrence of cases such as; scalding and explosions. However, you need to maintain your tank well in order to ensure it is correctly working.


Once you consider installing water storage, be sure to check the safety measures so as to secure yourself and your family. This will make it possible for you and your family to avoid risks associated with poor water safety. In addition to that, consider regular maintenance and repairing.

Research and Teaching Telescopes


Research and Teaching TelescopesThe introduction of telescope in the field of astronomy has made research and teaching easier and friendly. Nowadays, teachers do not have to spend a lot of time explaining abstract matters, bodies, and occurrences in the atmosphere and in the solar system. On the other hand, learners and researchers have been using telescopes for improved research and learning about astronomy.

Since the introduction of telescopes in the beginning of the 21st century, different researchers and organizations have refined and produced different telescopes. Some of these are used in parks and different places just for making a gazing to the solar system. Others are important for research and teaching in institutions and other astronomy centers. If  you are looking for your own telescope to do astronomy for fun there are some great options out there and some solid telescopes for under 200 such as the Orion 10012 SkyScanner Celestron 21061 AstroMaster or the Celestron 21061 AstroMaster according to popular telescope review sites for those that are new to telescopes.

Types of Research and Teaching Telescopes

a) 24 Inch Perkin Telescope

The telescope is a product of Mr. Richard S. Perkin in the year 1966. From its name, it has a primary mirror with a diameter of 24 inches. Also, it is enhanced with a focal length of 27 feet. Equipping and automation of this telescope was done through the contribution of Perkin Fund, National Fund Foundation, and Research Corporation. In 1997, W.M. Keck Foundation enhanced it with a CCD detector which was able to save images. An auto-guider was also fitted to the telescope in 2012. The telescope has been used by many researchers and students for theses researches and studies. It has also been used by many professors in their teaching programs.

b) 20 Inch Alvan Clark Great Refractor

Research and Teaching TelescopesThe telescope was designed in a dedicated observatory house in 19. It had lenses from a German manufacturer which allowed a 20 inch aperture. It also has a focal length of 27 feet. It was used in the determination of stars’ distances. Today, it is used for public stargazing at the Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford.

c) 2.4 Meter Radio Telescope

It was designed by Wesleyan students in 2013. The telescope was meant for the Small Radio Telescope which is at the Haystack Observatory. Many students have been using it to study and observe motions of the neutral hydrogen gas over the Milky Way. It is also essential in studying the sun’s radio-wavelength emission.

d) 16 Inch Meade LX200GPS SCHMIDT-CAS Segrain

It has been deemed as one of the most complex telescopes. Therefore, many students do not prefer it for their projects or theses. It is used by students for personal learning and fun. Students are trained before they can use it. The telescope is also used by other public members during public visits. It has auto-guiding CCD and spectrograph slots that can be fitted to improve its performance.

e) 10 Inch Portable Meade SCHMIDT-CAS Segrain

The telescope was manufactured and designed by the family of Fiducia. It has a focal length of 63 inches. It is equipped for computer interface in order to increase its suitability for use. It has a portable tripod which can be placed on an observatory building to enhance its use.


Telescopes have been used for a long time in astronomy teaching and research. They have also been used by the public for stargazing in observatory buildings and centers. Due to their contribution, space exploration and prediction have been made easier than before.