Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage Chairs


Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage ChairsA massage has numerous healthy benefits. These ranges from relieving pain, tensions, and also stress. It also works best to improve the body functioning in various ways. These include blood circulation, muscles performance, and also relieving pains from the back and joints.

The quality of massage that you will experience is based on the type of massage that you opt for. You can opt to go to a qualified therapist for your massage. You may also prefer to buy a massage chair for the best massage at your workplace or your home. Therefore, the benefits of massage therapy and massage chairs in establishing a healthy life cannot be underrated.

These include;

a) Improved Venous and Lymphatic Flow

Massage contracts and relaxes the muscles and the blood vessels. In turn, blood and lymph are stimulated and their movements simplified too. This is essential for nutrients and oxygen transportation and absorption. It also helps in excretion.

b) Relieving Tension while Increasing Flexibility

Stretching and kneading the muscles and joints makes you to become flexible. It also reduces tension in the body by revitalizing muscles and joints to reduce any fear of being sick.

c) Increased Endorphin Levels

Benefits of Massage Therapy and Massage ChairsEndorphin is acts in the opposite way as compared with adrenaline. It revives the peace in mind, reduces anxiety, and also improves recovery. It makes you to feel good and relax. The hormone’s level is increased in the body after massage.

A massage is effective for physical and physiological well-being. However, there are certain contraindications which are associated with massage therapy. Mostly, these contraindications are associated with massage chairs. The contraindications of massage therapy include;

  • Contracting rashes
  • Blood clots may results after using blood thinners
  • Injuries may become inflamed and infected
  • There may be increase in circulatory ailments such as; varicose veins

Benefits of Using a Massage Chair

Massage chairs are the best tools to deal with back pains, relieve stress, and tension. They emulate the motions and techniques used by therapist, together with auto-programs, in order to enhance massage. Most of them are designed to take the features of the Shiatsu’s sweeping, patting, rolling, rotating, and pressing massage. Others are designed to take on and Swedish long gliding strokes with kneading motions massage.

Components of Massage Chairs

a) Massage Chair Motors – they power and move all the nodes and rollers in a chair. They control the massage auto-programs which to control the quality of massage. This is interpreted in kneading, rolling, tapping, and top-down motions.

b) Massage Chair Nodes and Rollers – they take on the functions of hands and fingers with their different sizes and shapes.

c) Computer Assisted Adjustability of the Massage Chair – it is a feature which makes the massage chair to adjust per every person’s weight height, and width. It measures the setback pressure and the length of the protrusion in order to adjust. This enhances a full body massage.

Guidelines to Finding a Comfortable Massage Chair

a) Basic Comfort of the Chair
This regards the shape and the feel of a massage chair felt when you sit on it.

b) Strength of Massage
The chair should cover all areas of the body to ensure an effective massage. These include; the back, joints, and all muscles.

c) Massage Chair’s Presets and Adjustability
These are the auto-programs which are necessary to improve the quality of a massage. They should be numerous and easy to operate.

d) Accessories
These are the equipment and other parts which enable one to change the functionality of the chair. They include the feet-rests spinal stenosis among others.

e) Appearance of the Chair
This regards the shape, size, and the materials used to make the chair. They should be durable, comfortable, and free from skin irritation.

f) Cost
Most of the massage chairs are expensive. However, you should be sure to check the cost as one of the main important factors.


A massage is essential to relieve pressure and pain in the body. It is also important for the physiological well-being of a person. Many people face a difficulty in choosing between a therapist and a massage chair for their massage. A chair may be convenient for any time usage. On the other hand, a therapist may be better as they are learned and equipped for effectiveness.

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