How Does Technology Influence Our Identities?


How Does Technology Influence Our IdentitiesTechnology has probably altered every aspect of human life. Technology has been the cause of many social changes that are in the society today. Many people have shifted from the cultures of the past after embracing the technology.

Technology Influence Our Identities

As a result of embracing technology, our identities have currently been manipulated and even changed. This means that, our knowledge, understanding, and how we express ourselves in the society is currently under the influence of technology that we are exposed to.

Technology has impacted the way we express our selves and the way we assume roles in the society. By emergence of different means of communication and socialization, the world has been limited into a village. On the other hand, the platforms of communication and interaction among people have been expanded a lot. The social media and internet have boosted communication and socialization.

Therefore, technology is major factor of the way people identify themselves and make an impact in the society. First, it changes the dimension through which people express themselves. Thus, it alters one identity from revolving around internal grounds to external ones. For instance, people used to socialize and interact with their neighbors and friends in the close proximities.

How Does Technology Influence Our Identities

However, with technology, people can now interact and establish relationships with people who are in far distances. This has, in turn, changed the social forces that influence the self-identity including parents, peers, media, communities, and schools among others. These forces were geared to producing only the positive information about a person and his identity.

However, with the current technology, a person can be analyzed via different means. This exposes both the positive and the negative information about a person. Therefore, his/her identity will be established in a different way unlike in the past.

Secondly, in the present times, people do not just believe what we tell them about ourselves. They can go ahead and know about us using technology. The same case applies to us too. As a result, many people spend a lot of time trying to build on a reputation across the social media and other social platforms.

Advertisements on the mass media are also used to create a different self-identity. In turn, people create a different impression about themselves in the society. This is better expressed through the popular culture today. Through these technological social channels, people aim at creating acceptance, popularity, status, and also self-esteem.

For instance, people will go and make photos at different places from their usual residential place. After this, they can upload them over the internet to different social platforms such as; Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter. With them, people can try to build on a different impression and image before the people. This will make them popular, improve their status, and also make them more famous and proud.


Technology has led to a transition from the ordinary ways of establishing our identities into the new ways. In turn, some people have opted to use different means to create images and impressions in the society. This has made them to establish a self identity which is opposed to their real self. On the other hand, some people have embraced technology and used it to express what they do and the role they hold in the society. This has created their status positively.

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