Water Efficient Atomizing Showerhead Saves 70% Water


Water Efficient Atomizing Showerhead Water conservation is an essential process in any household. However, with the current shower heads in the bathrooms, toilets, and also kitchens, water flow control becomes a challenge. In the bathroom, a lot of water can be wasted as it flows uncontrollably from the showerhead. A good shower head has therefore great benefits to both the user and the environment and this guide has listed the best shower heads available in 2016 if you are interested in reading shower head reviews and finding that right head for your shower.

One of the most effective ways in controlling water wastage in the bathroom is using the water efficient atomizing showerhead. This showerhead has been embraced by many people due to its capability in saving water. Did you know that water efficient atomizing showerhead saves 70% water? If not, then you are on the verge of learning how it does this. This showerhead saves water in the following ways;

a) Water Atomizing into Tiny Droplets

The shower does not release water in drops and showers like other shower heads. Instead, it uses pressure to turn water into fine droplets. At the same time, it warms the air around it while releases the water droplets. Thus, it produces a warm shower.

Therefore, releasing water in mist form makes it to reduce the amount of water flowing out. This makes individuals to use the least amount of water while showering. This is unlike the traditional showerheads which used large volumes of water in form of drops and showers.

b) Reduced Water Flow

Water Efficient Atomizing Showerhead The showerhead has small-size atomizing nozzles. These nozzles allow water to pass in form of mist but not droplets. However, the water that passes the showerhead is sufficient for a shower. It allows passage of 0.75 gallon per minute. This is unlike the traditional showerheads which produces 2 gallons per minute. Thus, if you used 10 minutes for a shower, then you will be able to save around 12.5 gallons of water. Households which have used this showerhead reported to have spent over 1400 fewer water gallons in one month and 21 000 fewer in a year.

c) Compressed Air Component

In order to turn water into mist, the showerhead has a system which has a compressed air. This system mixes the water with hot air. The compressed water with air is then passed through the small-size atomizing nozzles on its way out of the showerhead.

The air reduces the amount of water passing through the showerhead after mixing it with air. At the same time, the air is in a higher temperature. This makes it easy for it to mix with the water in order to form mist.

d) Allows More Contact of Water with Your Body

The traditional showerheads allow water to flow uncontrollably. Some of this water does not even touch the body. Instead, it sprinkles to the walls or even direct to the floor and it flow away. In turn, you find that over 20 gallons of water have been used for a single shower.

However, with a water efficient atomizing showerhead, it is easy to prevent that water loss. The showerhead enhances that all the water flows to contact your body. Therefore, no water runs unutilized.


Water efficient atomizing showerhead is an important tool to enhance control of water wastage in the bathrooms. At the same time, using its compressed hot air, it turns the temperature of the water during the shower. Therefore, one does not need extra energy to warm water. The showerhead is essential for use at homes or even in the institutions which spends a lot on water and energy. It saves over 70 % water while it reduces the cost of energy used to heat it as well.

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